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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Sep 7, 2009 3:01pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: how to tell "their story" -- "music book" on the web?

I'm trying to tell "their story" about some of the greatest music I ever heard played — but in this case, for the time being — I can only do it from my point of view. Sure, I could tell you some of the fly-on-the-wall stories... oh my.

I could tell you stories about me being roommates w/ Vince Gill, or going to the original Grand Ole Opry w/ Bluegrass Alliance as their soundman and hanging out with Lorretta Lynn on her bus there, and meeting everyone. At the Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, I discreetly put Lonnie's fiddle playing through a phase-shifter one night during a massive band rebellion. The band revolted on-stage against him. He was the band leader. I also cut his vocal mic between songs and we had Vince Gill stealing the coveted MC spot from him. And then the band went on to play some unknown material that Lonnie Peerce never heard before, and I cut all his mics off completely.

Bluegrass Alliance
Lonnie Peerce, Robert Pool, John Jump, Vince Gill, Bob Briedenbach, Bill Millet

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar - Jackson Hole, Wyoming - July, 1976


A lot of other people heard the same music played that I heard. Many of them have tapes of some of it, as well as tapes of other stuff played. And many others also have tapes. My thinking was, maybe I could put something together like a "music book" on the internet. So I tried to tell "their story" in a "music book" format on the internet. I could only do it from my point of view. No one is telling me how to do this or what to say. Sure, I want to be a Digital Archivist here, and I've worked at this for 2 years. It's one long learning-curve. I enjoy it. Point is, the musicians and artists should be telling their histories to you. I'd like to be their archivist and put it on the internet for them. What about these people hoarding some of these huge live music tape libraries to themselves, and not sharing? For what? Not just DK and her Jer tapes, but lots of people holding out on lots of artists playing and performing. You can't take any of this art to the grave with you. What should be done? So I thought I'd try and set the bar, for example, with my website. So I built up the Monte the Taper section, and made a Taper's Catalog, so to speak.

I've told you a few GD stories, like the one about Jerry Moore's AUD beauty on July 31, 1973 -- no SBD exists. I was there taping w/ my brand new Nakamichi 550 and an ElectroVoice RE-15 studio mic strapped to a 10-foot pole - rigging that I improvised at the show. I was 25 feet from the stage, FOB / dfc. I was just a little 130-pound punk from NJ when a 280-pound, 6' 8" Hell's Angels security gorilla parted the crowd from backstage, and walked right up to me to take my tape away. I once mentioned here that in spring 1974, the best security detail I ever saw caught me red-handed "in the act" secretly taping at Carnegie Hall in NYC with my ultra-stealth taping kit. It still took the 2 of them about 30 to 45 seconds of intimate scanning the darkness of my booth w/ their flashlights beaming, to finally know for certain they caught me taping. I was politely escorted out the front door after my tapes were confiscated.

I never told you this. I was at Dave Epstein's house one day. He was a part time Kay guitar dealer then. He whipped out a brand new cheapo guitar and proceeded to retrieve a $40 bag of weed out of the $20 guitar. Problem was, Dave couldn't get the ounce bag back out of the porthole while the guitar was still strung up. So Dave says, "fuck this, that weed is worth more than this fucking guitar," and he starts breaking into the back of it. I convinced him to carefully remove just the back of it. I kept this guitar for my taping kit. Inside a guitar case, that guitar with the back removed fit perfectly over my Nakamichi 550.

Nakamichi 550

The guitar case didn't hang well by the handle because the center of gravity was way out when I had my Nak inside. It hung on an unnatural angle with a noticeable slant. I got into a lot of clubs with that taping kit by saying I was a musician and I couldn't leave my axe outside in the car. The 2 security pros at Carnegie Hall are the only dudes who ever noticed that. I was too lazy to install a counter-balancing weight to correct this. If I had, no one would have noticed anything wrong. I would re-emphasize that both these 2 guys, and the Hell's Angels security dude, were amazingly very polite to me.

The most important story I have for my own music book story is the one I've already told you about — it's about Jimmy Watson and Jay Delia and my GD roots.

All of us can talk about the wild times too. Or the women. I was tripping at every GD show I went to in 1973. On the other hand, a bunch of us got together this past December after 30-plus years, for a reunion. You can't see me in this pic, but I'm standing just inside the front door of The Bluegrass Hotel. I lived in this housefull of musicians 1975 - 1977. It was the epitomy of a 24/7 jamming house.

Friend of the Devil > Blackberry Blossom taped by Monte in 1976
performed by a few of these boys
featuring 15-year-old Mark O'Connor on violin

Harry Bickel's place in Louisville - The Bluegrass Hotel - Dec 14, 2008


Tony Rice, Curtis Burch, Dan Crary, J.D. Crowe, John Cowan, Sam Bush


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Poster: skies Date: Sep 7, 2009 1:08pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: how to tell 'their story' -- 'music book' on the web?

hey now ,deadheadmonte !yesterday i trieed to find your wet site via firefox from europe and never could get it !Today, i connected to your website no problem from your here post .you are a fine and smart dude ,real pro about what you do ,and everyone appriciate you here on archive !no kidding ,this place in ft collins ,is exactly the kind of places we should have theright to find allover europe ,na !

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Poster: veblen Date: Sep 7, 2009 4:33pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: how to tell 'their story' -- 'music book' on the web?

I like the dumping Lonnie Pierce story:

thanks monte!!!

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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Sep 8, 2009 2:21pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: how to tell 'their story' -- 'music book' on the web?

I wanted to share my one-time conversation with Jerry Moore. We had a brief 3-way chat, via back-and-forth posts in the comment section. It was me, Rob Berger, and Jerry Moore. I just went back and found it on Lossless Legs. The conversation was posted on April 10, 2009. This was 2 months before Mr. Moore passed. To my surprise - Lossless Legs has removed Jerry's posts. We talked about taping equipment and mics. I told Jerry I barely made it into NY Academy of Music to tape - under tight security. Jerry Moore said that he got in and outta there a few times, and it was always a breeze for him and never a problem.

only Lossless Legs members will be able to view comments for this conversation
David Bromberg Band1980-08-22 Bottom Line NYC fm.moore.berger++uncirc++

Jerry Moore's 1st known live music recording that is in circulation was taped on the day before my 1st known live music recording was taped. Jerry taped Jerry Garcia on banjo at the Warrenton Bluegrass Festival in Warrenton, Virginia on June 8, 1973. Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers Band were at RFK Stadium on June 9 and 10.

Rob Berger's Lossless Legs torrent list of all of Jerry Moore's tapes

Jerry's bus

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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Sep 8, 2009 11:02am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: how can we urge them to release Tapes?

thanks Veblen. I often wonder about some of the Tapes - the ones not floating around - that "are" out there. So, with that said, I'll start a list here, and see if this thread goes anywhere.

Deborah Koons and the Jer tapes. You guys are the experts, not me. What little I know is she has legal rights and "owns" a pile of Jer's JGB live recordings - much of it unreleased. Isn't it true that she has released zilch, squat, notta during the 2-plus years I've been lurking here?

Bill Millet - musician / producer - has probably hundreds of tapes. He also has uncirculated SBD tapes, and uncirculated AUD tapes that are dubs of masters of recordings that I taped originally. I mixed some of these tapes. My own sound and recording equipment was used. Bill Millet admits to holding out on some of my tapes. In his own words, "I have live tapes of all that stuff."

Ken Landreth is part of the Bluegrass Hotel club in Louisville. He is sitting on a vast, vast music collection. There are tons and tons of people out there just like Ken.

Eric Levine is an excellent fiddler and violinist. He plays great stuff on Arabesque. Eric epitomizes many older musicians in my mind. He is simply unconscious about this issue. Fact — Eric has uncirculated tapes of old recordings of excellent live music. My 1st fulltime soundman gig was with Eric's 1st fulltime bluegrass band. The band was Country Comfort - based in ne Tennessee. This is the "tri-cities" of Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City. Geeeeezzzzzz, we provided the PA system, the sound mix, and Country Comfort played at, the 1st Carter Family music festival, in 1975 sw Virginia. Eric and I were the soundmen there. June Carter was married to Johnny Cash, and they performed there.

I'm thinking 99 percent of musicians of Eric's, Bill's, or say Sam Bush's or Tony Rice's caliber — or any of these players, are sitting on a mountain of tapes AND photos. Some of them never listen to tapes. Others only listen to tapes of themselves playing. Some of them listen to themselves on tape, but never listen to their old stuff. Other musicians listen to everything. What is the thinking of the music-lover side of this equation? I have never read their books. I've browsed a few of their interviews posted here.

As I drove out to Louisville from Fort Collins this past December, I was wondering if Tony or Sam ever played with Jer or GD. So I asked both of them since I hadn't seen them since 1977. Sam told me he never did. I told Sam my soundman days and taping skills were ALL due to the incredible sound of GD. Very next thing Sam said to me was, "I saw the Grateful Dead play outdoors in '66 or '67 at a free show when I was out there doing some music. I was pretty far away from the stage, and they were just 'that big' [Sam holds his fingers 2 inches apart]. It was a remarkable scene." Tony Rice told me he has worked on a project[s] with GD. I forgot the name[s].

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Poster: angular Date: Sep 8, 2009 9:57am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: how can we urge them to release Tapes?

YOU ARE THE MAN! I don't care if you've only posted two years. We need a new election for PM. I have so much enjoyed your recent posts. What WONDERFUL music. I wish I had an answer for how to get this released. I believe it was a previous post of yours that said you can't take it with you. Wise words. Share what you have. I don't know.....flood with an outcry? Rhino...same? We have at least some pull here as the people that actually buy the product, you think that maybe we would be listened to. I'm sure alot of the people posting here access many other sites. Even skies could help make it a worldwide outcry. Post everywhere you can for the releases.

THANK YOU MONTE and keep up the good karma.

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Poster: skies Date: Sep 9, 2009 9:43am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: how can we urge them to release Tapes?

Peuh,Angular !You think anyone listen to me on this planet ? This only person at who could give you the insider opinion about getting whatever done about releases of whatever would be Marye ,and you should do that or deadmonte because I can't formulate you guys questions in english that well concerning music and tapes or releases .

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Poster: vapors Date: Sep 8, 2009 12:21pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: how can we urge them to release Tapes?

Monte, your obvious love of the music(s) and expertise with it is awesome, as is your generosity. I’m not knowledgeable about his path crossing with the GD, but Tony Rice played with Jerry at Dawgs’ home studios, and if you haven’t heard it yet (?) I highly recommend “The Pizza Tapes”. These three play sweetly together and the intimate dialogues on the disc will make you weep.

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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Sep 8, 2009 1:50pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: how can we urge them to release Tapes?

I guess this was Tony's answer. Thanks so much, man. Tony speaks very softly these days, and he also picks softly too. I couldn't exactly hear his answer to my question. I just keep seeing Grateful Dead going in circles inside my head.